DEMTA is a group of independent and school music teachers who work in Parker, Castle Rock, Elizabeth, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Littleton and Aurora.  Now in our 20th year, DEMTA has been providing students with exceptional local music education, enriching the community through public service performances and providing teacher development since 1994.

DEMTA is open to all independent music teachers (piano, keyboard, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and vocal), as well as band, orchestra, choral, and classroom music teachers in the Douglas and Elbert County school districts


DEMTA teachers enjoy the benefit of monthly teacher-enrichment programs. 

Students of DEMTA teachers enjoy numerous performance opportunities, both private and public, and the many benefits described below. 



Each year, students have many occasions to perform in a recital setting on DEMTAs own Mason & Hamlin piano.  This professional 7-foot grand piano was purchased in 2002 through special fundraisers and gifts, including a grant from the Scientific Cultural Facilities District. DEMTA can now offer students the unique and special opportunity to experience their best performance on an exceptionally high-quality instrument.


DEMTA has a very active community connection.  Our partners in the community enjoy student and teacher performances throughout the year.  Find out where is DEMTA is performing in your community on our Events Calendar. Partners we have worked with in the community include Parker Adventist Hospital, the Parker Library, Tagawa’s Nursery, Chik-Fil-A, Crosswalk bookstore, and many others.  Community events allow students to experience a very different and enriching type of service-oriented performance experience.


DEMTA provides scholarships to qualified students for use at summer music camps, lessons and other music enrichment programs.


Each spring, DEMTA sponsors a highly anticipated Music Festival, complete with professional adjudication, theory examinations, and sight reading tests. Students practice and prepare all year for Festival and are rewarded with medals and special concerts. The top performers are selected to perform in one of four public Honors Concerts. There are over 300 students who participate each year.


New to DEMTA, the CLEF Award is the Culminating Long-term Excellence at Festival Award given to students who earn a rating of 1- or higher at festival.  This award is achieved by earning 1's at festival for three, five and seven years. This program started in 2014. 2016 will be the first year students can be awarded a plaque.  


In 2004, the Douglas Elbert Music Teachers Association instituted a Performance Award Program to encourage and recognize students who make an effort to perform – particularly in DEMTA sponsored recitals, festivals and community events.  Since its establishment there has been a dramatic increase in the number of students participating in all of these events. The current Performance Awards Chair is Clover Longway.

  • Students need 10 performance points to win the Performance Medallion and 20 points to earn the Performance Pin.
  • Students must earn at least 6 of these 10 points, or 12 of the 20 points, from DEMTA sponsored events.  A DEMTA sponsored event is defined as any event (festival, recital or community connection) sponsored by Douglas-Elbert Music Teachers Association.  Each DEMTA-sponsored performance earns 2 points.  For a list of great events please see the calendar! 
  • The other 4 points can come from a teacher’s own studio recital or from a performance approved or planned by a teacher.  Teacher approved performances would include such things as church, school and community performances in which the student performs something that the teacher has personally worked with them to prepare.  Each recital or other approved performance earns 2 points.
  • Major performance events will earn 4 points.  Major performances include such venues as our spring Music Festival, Guild, Federation and Sonatina Festivals, but of course, only DEMTA's Music Festival is a DEMTA sponsored event.  If a student should win a spot and perform on a follow-up recital/concert for a major performance event, the student would be awarded 2 additional points for that performance.  For example, a student who performed at DEMTA’s music festival would earn 4 points.  If he/she also performs at the Honors Concert – 2 additional points would then be awarded.

          Below is a brief summary of the performance categories.

1. DEMTA Recitals – DEMTA sponsors monthly recitals for students, normally held at Parker Bible Church. Students receive 2 points.

2. Community Connection – DEMTA sponsors periodic performing events in town, such as in the lobby of Wells Fargo Bank, Tagawa’s, Chik-fil-A etc. Students receive 2 points.

3. Studio Recitals – These are teacher sponsored within their own studios. Students receive 2 points.

4. Approved Performances – This includes miscellaneous performances which are not DEMTA sponsored. Examples of this category would be playing for church, school or a retirement center. The music is to be preapproved by the teacher for performance as meeting his/her standards. Students receive 2 points.

5. Major Events – This would include DEMTA’s spring Music Festival, Guild, Federation and other such events. These events represent greater amounts of work and preparation. Students receive 4 points.

6. Honorary Performances – These are performances for which a student was chosen based on merit. DEMTA’s Honors Concert is an example. Students receive 2 points.

NOTE:  It is the responsibility of each teacher to keep track of their students’ performances.   Documentation will need to be turned in showing dates and events where students performed. See the "Forms" tab on this website.  Please hand in documentation to the Performance Awards Chair, Clover Longway.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit our membership page or contact us!