DEMTA is proud to have reached our goal of owning a beautiful ebony "BB" 7' Mason & Hamlin semi-concert grand piano.  It presents a special opportunity for students to experience their best performance on a high-quality instrument and see what is possible in the study of piano. 

DEMTA held its first Student Recital using the new Mason & Hamlin grand piano on October 19, 2002. In the time that has followed, the piano has been used for many recitals and concerts at UCC. Teachers, students, and concert artists have had the thrill of performing on the finest instrument they will probably ever play.  A well-respected workshop instructor has expressed her opinion that the piano has a full, rich sound, and that the community is fortunate to have such a fine piano for concerts and recitals.  And one professional artist, who was in the middle of playing a piece during a concert, abruptly stopped, turned to the audience, and remarked: "The bass on this piano has incredible clarity."

The purchase of this piano would not have been possible without the generous support of the Science and Cultural Foundation (SCFD) whose generosity toward the arts is unmatched. We are forever grateful for the Tier III grant program that enabled us to raise the lion's share of fundraising. It also would not have been possible without the support of Joe Woods of Woods and Son Piano Co, who made it possible for DEMTA to purchase such a fine instrument.  The piano is here for enjoyment now and will live on in the community for future generations through the generosity of donors.

In May 2010, the piano was moved to Parker Bible Church. It now resides in a grand sanctuary.    The piano is for the whole community to enjoy for generations to come and will enable people's lives to be enriched through music.  Come experience the sound for yourself!